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The Airline Improvement District is governed by a board of nine voting directors. The Board of Directors is comprised of property owners, employees or agents of area businesses as well as residents of the District.

Current Board Members:


Board MemberMember PositionTermPosition #
Luis GarciaVoting Member9/13/22-6/1/261
Nelson EspitiaVoting Member9/13/22-6/1/262
Randy SimChairman9/13/22-6/1/263
John MartinTreasurer/Secretary9/13/22-6/1/264
Marcia PerryVoting Member9/13/22-6/1/265
Zera PresleyVoting Member9/13/22-6/1/266
Chris MedlowVoting Member9/13/22-6/1/267
Paul WeisserVoting Member9/13/22-6/1/268
Christina GomezVice-Chairman9/13/22-6/1/269